Fabric Trends for Fall-Winter 2010

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In just a few weeks, we are about to welcome the beginning of fall and with that, a complete closet do-over. Say goodbye to your gauze dresses, floral tops, and what-not. It’s time to update your wardrobe with the hottest trends for fall and winter 2010-2011.

Shearling – Probably the hottest must-have for this season, shearling can be found in almost every fashion item, including handbags and boots. Shearling jackets and coats are very common, while aviator jackets and parkas can add that spice to your fashion. Pair them with lace dresses and thigh-high boots.

Fur – Whether it is real or faux, fur will never be out-of-touch once the days become colder. This time around, however, fur seems to go less refined and delicate. You can match them with any furry wear or wear an all-fur clothing so you won’t be mistaken for a Yeti. Some would opt to wear a single piece of fur outfit, which can be paired with pants, strappy boots, florals, and tweeds.

Knits – Another Fall-Winter staple is the knitwear. Of course, it protects us from cold, as well as guilt provided by Animal Rights groups. Also, knits are more lightweight than fur, making it easier to wear around. Knitwear can be matched with a high-heeled shoes, chiffon dresses, and thin leather belts.

Velvet – This rich fabric can do wonders to your wardrobe. It also provides an illusion that people who wear velvet have a noble feel to them. Nevertheless, velvet has been a versatile fabric. It can turn masculine or feminine if you wish! Velvet dresses go well with a straight-cut blazer and suit jacket with printed pants, or with minimal accessories, the choice is yours.

Lace – Any dress with lace exude a female element to the outfit. And true enough, wearing a lace dress could not only make your ideal man walk towards you, but also lasts for a very long time.

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What to Wear to Look Current

You may want to look like the fashionable people on TV and magazines, but you tend to end up with a mish-mash style or something that is too easy to frown upon. Here are some easy tips to make your fashion current and up-to-date.

Pick a women’s magazine you would not normally buy – Look for magazines that have more “editorial” spreads, while staying away from the titles that have more recipes, celebrity scandals, or UFO abductions on the cover. Beginners can start on Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and W.

Try on different labels – Enter a store you would not normally go to, or check out an equivalent of the store online if you get nervous easily. Try on styles that you see on the magazines or you could stick to pieces that are similar to those you already have. You would be surprised to realize that a slightly different cut, color, fabric, or brand can do wonders to your style.

Add a pop of color – Every season has a trendy color. It is easy to find what it is, just by looking at the prominent colors being used on the store display. However, you do not need to wear that color all over. What you need is to used that color as an accent piece like a scarf, a camisole under a suit, or a belt.

Start with accessories – An easy way to update your look is by updating your accessories. A new handbag, a different sandals, or jewelry, can make you look modern. If you have no idea about the trends in accessories, simply ask a sales associate, they will know.

Do not change your style drastically – We are not asking you to have a 180-degree turn on fashion, but start slow. Make subtle changes and learn from your fashion mistakes over a period of time.

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In to Wear A Glittery Dress

Want a trendy dress that fits well to athletic body types (wider shoulders and slimmer hips)? You should try on this “Cold Shoulder” sequined dress by Aidan Mattox. This dramatically-draped dress has cutout shoulders that wittingly hides any flaw you have on your arms, as well as a loose silhouette that makes the hips a bit wider yet giving that overall sexy appearance.

You can buy them directly over at Nordstrom for only US$ 295.

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What to Wear in a Class Reunion

Everybody wants to catch up with elementary or high school friends, but who wants to embarrass herself with a stuck-in-time look? Dressing up for class reunion can be stressful and here are some helpful notes to get that look that could get you noticed in a good way.

Go for low-key – Opt for classic and flattering silhouettes in solid colors to put the focus on you, not your clothes. A little black dress is your safest bet, adding a pair of sexy sandals and a bold bracelet to complement the look, as well as an optional brightly-colored wrap when the night gets cold. If you prefer suits instead of dresses, however, choose a crepe or silk after-five style in black, champagne, or ivory. Ditch the beads and sequins.

Bring out the jewelry – This is the best time to wear your best jewelry, but not all of them. Choose pearls for that classy look, while black dresses go best with gold or silver. An evening shoulder bag (smaller than a tote) is an ideal accessory.

Keep the understated tone on outdoors – Some reunions are held for an entire weekend. If the itinerary includes picnics, pool parties, or other outdoor-related events, go for the same low-key strategy. Wear a pretty sundress or a pair of cropped pants topped with a cute t-shirt. Avoid complicated looks, uncomfortable styles, and fussy prints.

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Getting a Red-Carpet Look

Even A-list celebrities can be clueless as to what dress to wear for a glamorous red-carpet event like the upcoming Academy Awards, which is why they hire an army of stylists to help them decide what to wear.

But just because your life is out of the limelight does not mean you should deprive yourself of putting on a fabulous, headline-making ensemble. Celebrity designer Carmen Marc Valvo dished out some practical fashion tips out of his three decades of experience so you too could get that red-carpet look.

Know the color trend predictions – It does not take a stylista to know what color would be all the rage this season. All you need to do is to browse online through major fashion weeks and see what colors and tones top designers use in their collections for next season. For instance, coral and red tones are prevalent in spring, while blue and turquoise translate well into fall.

Do not choose a color too close to your skin tone – You do not want your dress to drain the color of your face, and at the same time look nude while wearing a dress.

Focus on the waist up – More often than not you wear a special dress for an event that require being seated, such as a cocktail reception or a romantic dinner. Wear a dress that highlights your body from your face to your waist. This makes necklines and accessories important. For instance, wear large dangling earrings–and not wear a necklace–to make your look taller. Also, a one-shoulder long dress elongates your torso.

Check yourself out before coming out – Hold a handheld mirror and look at your reflection in another mirror behind you so you could see if the dress looks great on any angle. Also, double-check your make-up and hair, being aware how other people see you.

Sexy does not mean skin-tight and vulgar – A sexy red-carpet dress consists of a tight-fitted bodice and a full skirt. Avoid dresses that give off a tent or trapeze silhouette, which hides the lines of your body. Also, sexy is not about displaying a lot of skin that it becomes vulgar. Be aware on how low your neckline can go and how much skin you should not show.

Dress proportionately – The main aim of dressing up elegantly is to look thinner and taller even if you are not. Empire dresses are good in elongating the figure, as well as wearing a very short skirt. However, never attempt to wear a blouse and a skirt that are of the same length, which “cuts” your body in thirds. Also, shorter women should not wear shoes with ankle straps, unless if it is worn with pants.

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2011 Summer Trend Lacy Tops

Summer may seem to be far away, but bad weather should not dampen your enthusiasm into updating your wardrobe to welcome the new season. One trend that is sure to be a hot item this summer is the lacy top, which adds a fresh and spring-like feel to one’s ensemble, not to mention accentuating a romantic touch. It comes in different forms such as sleeveless, smocked waist, and elbow-length sleeves.

Wearing a lace top is best paired with a layer of camisole underneath and a jacket when coming to work. This piece can also be worn with denim for a relaxed weekend wardrobe, which you can switch with a pencil skirt and a pair of heels as you go on a dinner date.

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Fall 2011 Fashion Trend The Wild West

Fall fashion for 2011 is going to be a little more interesting as designers draw inspiration from the Wild West for their collections. Prairie coats and blanket pants are expected to become hot items, but you do not have to dress like a cow girl to become fashionably hip. Here are tips on how to get into the Western chic without looking like putting on a costume.

Look southwest – Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez took reference from Southwestern aesthetics by hopping into the car and driving from Santa Fe to Yellowstone, where they able to grab a variety of Native American blankets along the way. These items became a key reference point for prints in their Fall 2011 collection. Take a single Native American article of clothing, work your way pairing it with your wardrobe, and top it with a few indigenous accessories.

Fringe, lots of fringe – Isabel Marant’s Navajo-inspired collection is highlighted by miles and miles of fringe. Her white boots, for instance, is a “shoe-in” as autumn’s It footwear.

Accessorize with authenticity – From bolo ties to conchos, Navajo hand-crafted jewelry are great additions to your fall ensemble, especially if you are not into wearing Western-inspired garb.

Source: Style.com, photo by Mark Segal and Vogue.com.cn
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Summer 2011 Must Have Cheap Fedora Hat

In this age of mixing and matching, having one accessory that would go well with a variety of clothing items would be a fashion god-send. This summer, one item that needs to be in every fashionable woman’s closet is a straw fedora.

Used to be commonly seen in jazz bars and gangster mobs, the fedora-styled hat now comes in a variety of materials and colors. A straw fedora can be squeezed in a beach bag without having to worry about getting wrinkled and is not too big like a floppy hat that would cover the beauty of your face.

This type of hat can be found in different stores, but you do not have to shell out over US$ 100 to get a nice fedora hat. In fact, the best fedoras are valued for less than $ 30 and you can buy more of it in different variations to get you through the season.

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How to Wear a Maxi Dress According to Rachel Zoe

Celebrity stylist and mother Rachel Zoe has some great advice on wearing one of the summer’s hottest fashion trends: The maxi dress! This clothing item is characterized by its long length and breezy fabrics. The best part about the maxi dress is that it can be worn by almost every body type.

In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Rachel reveals the secrets to rock the maxi dress.

Daytime and nighttime – An ideal daytime maxi dress should have the hem touch the tops of your shoes, while at nighttime, the hem of the dress should graze the floor.

Ideal for smaller bodies – Women with shorter frames or smaller body types should wear long dresses to help them look taller. According to Rachel, long dresses “elongate” the body. Taller women, meanwhile, should consider wear dresses with shorter hems and show off their legs.

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Fashion Style Tips for Petite Women

Style is different for every body type. In this post, we provide helpful fashion styling tips that would make petite women look their best. It is all about creating an illusion of more height and less bulk.

Dress in one color – Monochromatic fashion, especially when using dark colors, is recommended for petites. Try dressing in one color from tops to shoes, even matching your tights or stocking if needed. Colors that “slim” the body include black, navy, charcoal, burgundy, deep green, and purple.

Wear clothes that fit well – Avoid clothing that are loose fitting, as well as those that have a lot of designs and layers that add bulk. Doing so would only make short women look heavier than they really are.

Choose garments with vertical lines – Vertical lines provide slimming and lengthening properties to a garment. It does not have to be striped as you can also go for dresses with vertical seams to do the trick.

Wear tops with V-necks – Tops and jackets with V- or U-shaped necklines help in creating the illusion of height.

Wear high heels – This is an easy way to add height, but not all high-heeled shoes are ideal for petite women. Go for pumps and sling-backs, but avoid shoes with ankle straps. The straps actually cuts the length further, making you appear shorter.

Avoid giant handbags – Oversized bags overwhelm short women. Choose purses that are medium in size, making it proportional to your small frame.

Avoid minis – The fashion tip about wearning mini-skirts and mini dresses to look longer do not apply for shorter women. That is because the hem of a mini-skirt worn by a petite woman usually falls across the thick section of the thigh, thus making short legs appear shorter. Dresses and skirts that fall just above the knee are your safest bet.

Use narrow belts – Just like in the case of oversized bags, thick belts could be too much for a petite lady and break the illusion of height that you want to achieve.

Wear pants with straight legs – Go for pants that do not have cuffs, bulky pockets, or pleats. This tip also applies on jeans.

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